Friday, August 9, 2013

My Hellish Experience with ZoiVi

The following is the personal account of a former ZoiVi representative who wishes to remain anonymous in order to avoid abuse from others in the company.

I was sucked into the whole ZoiVi thing for eight months until I realized I had become a crazed zombie, preying on individuals dumb enough to fall for the scheme. That's how the whole MLM industry works. 
It started out in September 2011 when I was fresh into NYC. I remember the day I was job hunting. Around late in the afternoon, I was approached by a nice looking gentleman, who later became my sponsor, started a causal conversation with me for no apparent reason. He later invited me out to a nice lunch somewhere in Manhattan, treated me to a nice causal conversation between the two of us. The following day, he introduced me to a team of people he works with and we hit it off great. I thought at the time it was my opportunity to make some new friends especially being new to the city. The following week was when I got introduced to their compensation plan. I was very impressed by how sharp they were, the amount of money involved, and going out to fancy restaurants. They also have benefits such as all expense paid trips to such exotic places in the world. That's how they motivate people to stay. 
At the beginning, I felt that it would become a great opportunity. I was completely unaware of the amount of work that was involved which I thought would become easy. They had me going out on the streets of NYC recruiting people from all walks of life. I had to target the ones who were dressed sharply, the ones who looked very expensive. The only people I couldn't recruit were African American's because they claim that they don't make as much money as others. Their main target is mostly Asians, alongside with Indians, Bengalis, and Hispanics. The company is almost made up of 90% Asians.
On a typical day I would be recruiting people, getting their phone numbers. At the end of the day, I would sit down and call them all up. I followed a script by inviting them to an interview at a Starbucks, where we conducted business. I sat down with individuals who actually showed up, and I had a casual conversation with them, just getting to know them. Then one of the leaders would show up and escort the individual to the person presenting the compensation plan. Then afterwards I would sit down with the individual convincing the person to sign up. I was new to the company and I was not good at being convincing. I'm a nice person but I was taught to become tough and aggressive.
Speaking of aggressiveness, my upline including two other guys were very tough on me at times. They often criticized me based on my looks, my personality, and my eating habits. I couldn't be myself, they turned me into a person I didn't like. They have training three nights a week. I attended each and every training but I remembered being fed with a lot of crap based on the outside world. I was taught not to listen to "broke people," the corporate world sucks, and going to school is a waste of time. They really got into my subconscious mind, and before I knew it, my mind was completely brainwashed. I was completely against everyone who tried to talk me out of it.
I became addicted trying to make it with ZoiVi. I constantly recruited everyone who I thought would have been a great fit. I wasted my valuable time with the other reps. They made me participate in different activities that were costly making me think it was for my own good. At that time I started feeling uncomfortable with the team because I was the oldest person there. The majority of people on the team were 18 to their early 20's. Not only did I waste my valuable time but money was also wasted on marketing materials, clothes, and the activities. At that time I was on unemployment and not receiving very much money.
Later in the months, things really started to go down. Every day I would become pissed and upset based on the negative reactions from marketing and the criticisms I've received from the guys from my team. What made me very angry was how they often get into my personal life. I felt deceived and taken advantage of. They kept pushing my limits by making me work as hard as I could by prospecting and bringing in production.
One day I asked for a sign as to whether it's worth it or not to stay with ZoiVi. The next day, I came across a gentleman, who I tried prospecting. Little did I know, he was the answer to my prayers! He turns out to be a former rep of another company who also knew the founder of ZoiVi. He mentioned that he built a team of reps and his entire downline quit. He also shared some shocking information that I needed to hear about Mr. Evaji. From his previous involvement with Yor Health, I learned he dismissed most of his team members for no apparent reason. I have known Mr. Evaji to be a very nice guy, but during my entire time working with the company, I've felt he couldn't be trusted. I knew something wasn't right, even though I was too brainwashed to listen to my own intuition. So therefore, that's when I'd had it and left the company.
I've also experienced emotional abuse during my time with ZoiVi. Every time I have doubts I was taught to think things logically instead of emotionally. That never worked on me but who cares? Obviously the other reps don't care about anything except the production. Each day I would come home mad and pissed because of the negative reactions I received from prospecting, and all the harsh criticisms I received from the other reps. After working with them for eights months, I finally realized that I was part of a cult. I wasted $390 of my money, I only made a profit of $6. I prospected hundreds of individuals including family, and not one was interested working with me.
Now I know exactly how a pyramid scheme works! Any way they word around it, it's still a scheme! I have seen relationships ended because of it. MLM brainwashes people and turns them into crazed zombies as they prey on narrow minded individuals to join their force. At that time I was so gullible and weak so I didn't have the ability to see what they were really doing. It's very painful being deceived. It took me months to get myself back together from all that emotional abuse.
The positive outcome from my experience is that I've made some valuable friends who also left and we still keep in touch. Also I learned not to make assumptions. I'm now a much better, and back to a normal human being. It took time for myself to recover. I'm now planning my future of going back to school to become a computer technician. Life is about doing what you love, not manipulating people's lives to fulfill your dreams.


  1. The company that Ahmad Evaji has now, says that anything derrogatory that is being said about Ahmad and his company is being said by a former rep who has been accused of raping a fellow rep and is being sued. Does anyone know anything about that?

    1. Really !!?? so there must be a lot of reps raping and being sued for, so they could be talking / writing bad things about NuViza/ Zoivi then

  2. Lies lies and more lies

  3. Now they target even African Americans as well and anyone that they see would hand them money no questions asked

    1. Unfortunately yes they target even African now . There is any way to get a refund I just started this sit and now I realized it was a big mistake I did my money I want it back

    2. How long you been there? If I were you I go ahead and claim a refund now, but I wouldn't guarantee that will happen unless you have received your packet yet.